September 26, 2010

first attachment= store i promise, i'll share some experiences during my attachment in store..

23/8 - 27/8= week 1st
on the first day,23th,melapor diri di Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak..ok,meeting up with Pn.M and she decided to put Noma n me at Sarawak Goverment Hospital (SGH)..then, we've been introduced to all staffness in the Enforcement section as this department only on the ground floor..then, we've been go to hospital section n introduced to every department..'hospital tour'~
At the end,we've been placed in Store department..ok,no doubt!
24th,the second day for this week..
hello,i'm husna..fromJohor..nice to meet u..
no work for today bcz i need to fill up the borang2..yang banyak itu di bangunan many until my hand cramp,kot..isi..isi..without realised,the clock already showed 4.30pm...waaa~almost 5pm..i want to go back now..
25th,the third day..came manual book..helping,balikkkkk!!!
26th n 27th...same thing...ok,done~
30/8-3/9= week 2nd
Hari berlalu begitu cepat..2 minggu sudah..this week,we have a briefing with pharmacist..they told us what actually the scope job in Store..waa..i thought,kalau store,hanya focus on money budget,but,that's not only about,okay..there're so many thing that we need to to purchase goods,how to control the slow moving items,how to deals with promoters n so's not easy,okay..
p/s: slow moving items = item yang lambat bergerak..mungkin jarang digunakan oleh,usually,these items will be proposed to other hospital.if they want,they'll call and we'll send those item..
purchase goods = divided into 2 items,APPL items and non-APPL items..usually,when we receive these items,we'll check the quantity,expired date n quality,whether those items were in the good conditions or not..
6/9-9/9 = week 3rd
ok..dah minggu many things already learnt..Alhamdulillah..sebenarnya,masa ni,dah xsabar nak balik Johor,nak,kalau boleh,this weekend,tolongla berlalu dengan cepat..huhu..
13/9 - 17/9 = week 4th
yeay!!diam x diam,dah sebulan dah saya masuk keje...minggu ni,we need to issue goods..every months, we need to issue goods to other department,like OPD, IPD, Sat 2 n RTU..tapi,yang pling banyak adalah OPD..memang penat..n xsuka masuk kt bulk store..sbb too many boxes there..n so hard to search the items needed..ya,memang ad sign there,but,kalau dah banyak kotak,susah sikit nak nampak..mata dah berpinar2..hahha..but,i enjoy to do it n be in the store..huhu..but....
i can't finish one target,purchasing APPL, next week,during my attachment in Enforcement,i need to catch-up some time,untuk belari ke store n learnt it..Alhamdulillah, i manage to finish it..So then,here i come,Enforcement~


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