September 3, 2010

today was my lucky day..

u wanna to know why?
why?'s because............
i've already bought a flight ticket for dis coming Raya Aidilfitri...hooraayyy!!!
act., i've already give-up to come back for raya as my leave application had been rejected by KPF..haha..(so sad,okay~)
but, thanks to noma la..she successfully persuade me to go back utk beraya,okay..hihi..thanks,dear..without u, i think,i'll be crying almost every second during takbir raya nnti..(i think so)..haha,i've already had my ticket from 9th-12th,i promise,i'll pay back ur money once i get my first salary on,just 4 right now,could u just tutup mata,wat2 xnampak yg ur money in ur account dah habis?~hihi..


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